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Catering of Greek homemade specialties




Welcome to Farina Divine Food!

Have you ever been to Greece? 

Have you been to one of the beautiful Greek islands? Just to enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea while you sit at a perfectly decorated table and indulge in excellent authentic food? 

We can bring this amazing Greek feeling to your home and help you enjoy the moment while you dine with family and friends!

Exploring new culinary delights is a very rewarding experience. We all long for change, diversity and variety. We all crave for something different! For divine food!

So I am glad you have found us! We invite you to taste our Greek favourites made from recipes that have been in the family for decades. Dishes that taste different than in any restaurant because they are truly homemade with the freshest ingredients, passion for cooking and love!​






A new culinary experience!

Spoil your family or invite some friends over and serve a new Greek experience!


Let us do all the work and enjoy!

Truly homemade food takes quite some time to prepare. Therefore, please allow 2 days preparation time.

You can mix & match any of our appetisers and even main courses. The Greek love to have different dishes on the table! Why not do the same?


Let's get in touch! We look forward to sharing the Greek feeling with you!

Greek delicacies delivered to your doorstep


Celebrate family and friendship while you enjoy our divine Greek delicacies!


Your order will be delivered to your doorstep.

We will get in touch with you about the exact time!

Disposable Food Containers

Our salads and spreads will be delivered in disposable food containers. Once you receive them you can easily transfer them into a different bowl and place them on your table!

Returnable Food Containers

For all of our main dishes we use glass/ceramic containers.

They look nicer on the table, you can easily reheat the meal and they are environmentally friendly. 

Deposit & Pick Up

For every returnable container we charge a deposit fee of SGD 25. You can either keep the container or we pick it up and reimburse you.

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