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What our happy customers think about our divine food!

"We had the pleasure to have Farina Divine Food for another catering at the Goethe-Institut Singapore, this time for a larger group of 22 people. As the name suggests , the food was "divine". All our guests have been very impressed by the freshness and the quality of ingredients from the starter, through the main to the dessert. From concept, management and communication, we experienced a very well planned, smooth run for our event, with much attention for details. The food was nicely presented, it made us feel we have been to Greece. We will definetely work again with Alexandra and can highly recommend her divine food.


Thank you again Alexandra for an unforgettable evening!"

Goethe Institute Singapore

(May 2022)

"Thank you for another perfect evening with the perfect food. Thanks to your service I have the chance to be the perfect host! I ordered again two starters (Spanakopita and Tiropita), the Moussaka as the Main with bread and dips and of course my favorite Baklava as desert! My guests were as myself again impressed by the quality of your ingredients and we could taste the Greek love you are putting into your work! I am looking forward to order again because it makes my life as a host so easy and let me shine with the perfect meal!"

Hanna S.

(November 2021)

"The ordering process and communication was smooth, all queries were answered, and

Alexandra went out of her way to recommended dishes that were suitable for us.

Food was excellent as always. This was my second order, and I was not disappointed. It tasted

amazing. I love the warm home cooked meals that you would not find at restaurants.

The food was well presented and labelled to name each of the dishes. We didn’t get to

reheating instructions as we wouldn’t wait... But, we did for reheating the left overs the next day, there was plenty and we enjoyed it for lunch the next day.

Can’t wait to order Baklava again next time!"

Nikki C.

(June 2021)

"I arranged for Farina Divine Food to help cater for a small group of friends for cocktails and canapés.

Alexandra was very helpful in advising on what she thought might suit the group best. It was the perfect combination and quantity.


The food arrived with plenty of time to spare. Very simple instructions were provided advising on any preparation which was necessary. The food was fresh and tasty!


I would very much order again from Alexandra and would recommend to anyone looking for lovely, authentic and fresh Greek food. "

Hannah T.

(May 2021)

"We loved every mouthful of food from Farina Divine.

The food was amazing; took us back to being in Europe as the quality of the ingredients, aromas and taste were exactly as we remembered.

The whole experience of discussing and ordering the meal, confirming the order and having the food delivered was easy and straightforward.

Alexandra was helpful, accommodating and a pleasure to deal with.

We will be coming back!"

Liz T.

(April 2021)

"The communication with Farina was wonderful. The owner Alexandra Pfaff answered my questions and sent a good offer to me very fast.  The homepage is very appealing and makes you want more.  

You can look forward to a carefree evening. The food is delivered on time and nicely packaged, and the party can begin.  


Everyone liked the food it was like a little Greek vacation. Delicious Greek beer was a good start to the enjoyable evening.  


The goods were packed very nicely, professionally and lovingly in reusable boxes.  The instructions were simple and clear.  


Alexandra gave me very good advice so we didn’t need portions of every course for everyone. It was definitely enough and there was even something left over for the next day.  


I highly recommend Farina for everyone who is planning a relaxed party with delicious food.  Greek food is nice to eat with friends and family. There is also a great way to put something together for vegetarian members."

Claudia F.K.

(March 2021)

"I’ve ordered from Farina Divine Food on two occasions within a span of two weeks!

In one word, FANTASTIC.

I was especially impressed by the timely and professional service – a small thing that makes a big difference.


As for the menu, Alexandra called to understand my requirements and then suggested options. I opted for the Spanakopita, Tzatziki, Kolokithokeftedes, Moussaka and Portokalopita for dessert.

While everything was good, the dessert (Portokalopita) stole the show. I was so glad to have ordered extra so that my family and I could enjoy leftovers for the next few days! "

Niloufer C.

(February 2021)

"When I heard about Farina Divine Food I ordered my favourite Greek meals - Spanakopita and Moussaka! The food was so delicious! I am gluten intolerant, so she prepared everything gluten free for me!


I loved the way of presentation, everything perfectly explained, how to heat it up. But above all, the taste and the quality of the products!

It was a success!

I highly recommend it! You will love it!"

Marcela K.

(January 2021)

"I highly recommend Farina Divine Food to anyone who wants to entertain at home and serve GREAT Greek food with the least effort.

Food delivery was prompt and everything came so beautifully presented and packed! The main courses came in dishes I could put straight onto my dining table from the oven. The instructions were clearly written out, super easy and reheating the dishes was effortless. I often cater for dinner parties and find the food not to be as good when it is warmed up but this was just so so good! 

The Horatiki (Greek) Salad was super fresh, tasty and the ingredients used were of high quality. The Spanakopita was out of this world and one of the best we have had! It was super thin and crispy on the outside and the correct amount of spinach inside.The beef stew was tender and melted in our mouths. None of the grizzly pieces you get from takeaways most of the time! I particularly loved the Moussaka as I often eat Moussaka with potatoes, this did not have any and all I tasted was the lovely rich meat and eggplant!! A must try for sure!

We had the Orange cake for dessert and it came with some vanilla ice cream. Most of us didn't even bother with the ice cream because the cake on it's own was so delicious!!

I would definitely order again and again from Farina as it gives me the opportunity for entertainment with minimal effort and great food."

Angel S.

(December 2020)

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